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«В минуту жизни трудную,
Теснится ль в сердце грусть...»

Katherine Tucker (American) «Little pilgrim» 2011

«A charming portrait of a little girl» 1840, United Kingdom
Gunther Friedrich Reibisch (German, 1816-1899) «Portrait of Utz of Schoenberg with doll in a garden» 1868

Virgilio Tojetti (Italian, 1851-1901) «Sleeping playmates»

Paula Modersohn-Becker (German, 1876-1907) «Child with doll on birch trunk» 1902

Sir William Charles Ross (British, 1794-1860) «A Boy and a Girl»

Susan E. Arthurs (American, 20th Century) «A Visit With Chef» 1911

English School «Fanny Laws, as a young girl» circa 1810

Danish School (20th century) «An interior scene with a child playing with her dolls»

Мурзанов Владимир Алексеевич (Россия, 1872 – 1922) «Девочка с куклой»

George Romney (British, 1734 - 1802) «Portrait of the Vernon children»

Wilson Charles Hugh (American, ca. 1930) «Young girl with doll»

Dora Wahlroos (Finnish, 1870-1947) «Portrait of a girl» 1900

Guillaume Seignac (France, 1870-1924) «Girl with doll»

Jean-Paul Haag (French, 1854 - 1906) «Girl Reading in an interior with chair and doll»

French School, circa 1920 «Portrait of girl with doll»

Peder Severin Kroyer (Danish, 1851-1909) «A little girl in a fancy dress with her dog and her doll»

William H. Ward (British fl. 1850 - 1882) «Tickled awake» 1876

Arthur Hill (British, 1852-1928) «Sunday Best» 1871

Arthur Claude Strachan (British, 1865-1938) «At the cottage gate»

Кугач Екатерина Михайловна (Россия, 1965) «Портрет девочки»

Emilio Sala Frances (Spain, 1850–1910) «Muneca abandonata»
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